Anime USA 2015: Exploring Japan

Greetings from the future! Save the date for Anime USA 2015

Greetings from the future! Save the date for Anime USA 2015

Save the date for Anime USA. Join us on Halloween weekend, October 30–November 1, 2015.

We’ll be exploring Japan and all of its glory. We’ll go from Mount Fuji to the Tokyo Imperial Palace and beyond! We’ll take a look at the magnificent cities, tea houses, trains, and the diverse landscape, as well as the history of tourism in Japan. More details coming soon!

Model in the MIKA TAKEUCHI Fashion Show

Mika Takeuchi

Mika Takeuchi

Mika Takeuchi is the new upcoming Japanese fashion designer inspired by Japanese sub-culture. Her creation of Neo Gothic collection is a mixture between gothic, Lolita and her own individual style.

Takeuchi used to work under h.NAOTO for 10 years and was in charge of designs for FRILL, h.jelly, Melt etc.
A balance between the world of gothic, lolita, and punk come together to make distinctive, chic, and elegant designs.

Takeuchi has specially been invited to show case her 2014 AUTUMN/WINTER collection world of Neo-Gothic in Anime USA in Washington D.C. It will be her very first international show in the US!

This is a chance to participate in the very first show of the brand MIKA TAKEUCHI. Selected models will be able to wear the newest AUTUMN/ WINTER 2014 collection!

All models participating in this show will receive a 20% discount off any MIKA TAKEUCHI items collection after the Anime USA show at Jhouse-Rock booth.

Don’t miss this amazing chance to have fun and experience the new world of Neo-Gothic and feel free to invite your friends or even apply to be a model in the fashion show with your friends!

Click here to learn more and apply!

Enter our Cosplay Masquerade or Hall Cosplay Contests

Hi there fellow cosplay enthusiasts! We’re pleased to announce our Cosplay Masquerade and Hall Cosplay contests.

Cosplayers receiving awards at the Anime USA 2013 Cosplay Masquerade.

Cosplayers receiving awards at the Anime USA 2013 Cosplay Masquerade. Photo credit: Ross of Octomobiki.

If you’re interested in showing off your performance and craftsmanship skills in one exciting and entertaining show, check out our Cosplay Masquerade.

If you’re interested in a quiet, scheduled judging session where you’ll speak directly to craftsmanship judges and tell them about the details of their work, check out the Hall Cosplay.

If you’re interested in showing off you fabulous cosplay without competing in a contest, check out the Cosplay Fashion Show!

Hang out with us at Otakon!

Anime USA at the Otakon Matsuri

Maids Melody, Bree, and Ai behind the Anime USA booth at the Otakon Matsuri

Today, we had a great day with the maids of My Cup of Tea Maid Café at the Otakon Matsuri! Come meet us at Otakon Dealers Room booth BB05 this weekend.

We’ll have brand new 2014 merchandise: t-shirts, tall glasses, shot glasses, and more.

If you have yet to purchase your Anime USA membership, now’s the best time! Your membership will grant you access to this year’s Anime USA convention, featuring guests: Michele Knotz, J. Michael Tatum, Johnny Yong Bosch, Lauren Landa, and more! We’re offering these special rates this weekend only!

Special Membership Rates:
Regular: $50
Silver: $70
Sponsor: $120

If you can’t make it to Otakon, register online.