Hang out with us at Otakon!

Anime USA at the Otakon Matsuri

Maids Melody, Bree, and Ai behind the Anime USA booth at the Otakon Matsuri

Today, we had a great day with the maids of My Cup of Tea Maid Café at the Otakon Matsuri! Come meet us at Otakon Dealers Room booth BB05 this weekend.

We’ll have brand new 2014 merchandise: t-shirts, tall glasses, shot glasses, and more.

If you have yet to purchase your Anime USA membership, now’s the best time! Your membership will grant you access to this year’s Anime USA convention, featuring guests: Michele Knotz, J. Michael Tatum, Johnny Yong Bosch, Lauren Landa, and more! We’re offering these special rates this weekend only!

Special Membership Rates:
Regular: $50
Silver: $70
Sponsor: $120

If you can’t make it to Otakon, register online.