Cosplay Masquerade

Cosplay Masquerade

Anime USA mascot, Kaede, introduced the next act during the Anime USA 2013 Cosplay Masquerade

Cosplayers, performers, and shenanigans abound- the Anime USA Cosplay Masquerade features them all!

The Cosplay Masquerade features cosplayers and costumers alike who come together to show off both skit performances and their craftsmanship in one exciting and entertaining show. Performers are judged for their talent and entertaining a crowd. They bring together their favorite series and shows to life through comedy, dance, drama, or even some internet inspired randomness. Meanwhile, seamstresses and tailors show off their amazing craftsmanship work to bring these beloved characters to life on stage.

Participants in our Hall Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest also join us show off their hard work with other amazing cosplayers during the Catwalk & Fashion Show portion of the Masquerade.


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