2016 Staffer Agreement

Anime USA Staffer Agreement

I understand that as an Anime USA staffer I have the following obligations:

  • To work at least 24 hours during the length of the convention.
  • To behave in a professional manner in the presence of attendees or guests of the convention.
  • To abide by the Staff Code of Conduct, Harassment Policy, and Social Media Policy (see below).
  • To wear my badge visibly at all times in convention space and while on duty in non-convention space.

In return, the convention offers me the following:

  • A hotel room to be shared with 3 other staffers or a reimbursement equivalent (as budget allows).
  • A $48 food stipend provided in cash.
  • A badge that allows me to access convention events.
  • Access to the Dealer’s Room 30 minutes early.
  • A T-shirt for the current year.

I also understand that I am financially responsible for the following:

  • Any damage to the hotel room to which I am assigned.
  • Any incidentals charged to the hotel room to which I am assigned.
  • Any parking fees or tickets my vehicle may incur.

Staff Code of Conduct

Welcome to Anime USA Staff! We want you to have fun, but we also want you to be safe, healthy, and considerate before, during, and after the convention.

Remember, as staff, you are representing Anime USA, even when you are not on shift for your department.

Please take heed of the following rules you are expected to follow:

  1. Be polite to all people. This includes Staff, Members, Hotel Staff, and other Hotel Guests that may not be a part of the Convention.
  2. Show up for all of your scheduled shifts to the fullest. If you are unable to attend and complete your scheduled shifts, you must provide a reason why.
  3. You must follow the same policies as members. Being staff comes with some perks and expectations, but they do not supersede Attendee Policies. Please refer to our Attendee Policy page as featured on our website for further details: http://animeusa.org/convention-information/policies
  4. If you are ill prior to or become ill at the convention, please notify your Director as soon as possible so that we may take measures to assist you and contain the spread of the illness. No staffer will be penalized for canceling due to illness. We care for your well-being above all else.
  5. You are not to act in a manner that is: physically or verbally threatening, lewd, harassing, stalking, pushing, shoving, or using of physical force, or which in any way creates a disturbance that is disruptive or dangerous.
  6. You are not to use language that can be deemed as offensive. You are not to use offensive or abusive language towards any attendee, guest, or staffer. Do not use language that is indecent, profane, and/or obscene, or any slurs in public spaces. If you are not familiar with the predispositions of every member of the conversation with whom you are sharing, be sensible and restrain your speech.
  7. If you feel another staffer has violated these policies, please talk to your Director. If you are uncomfortable talking to your Director, please talk to the Con-Chair or Vice Chairs. We implore you to seek the assistance of upper management so that we may be able to take proper action to solve problems efficiently and effectively.
  8. You are expected to follow all local laws. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. We don’t want anyone to be involved in misdemeanors or felonies, as you are a reflection of the con. We do want people to have fun and be able to return year after year. Be conscientious and responsible.
  9. All of these policies are in effect also digitally. Anime USA expects staff to behave in a professional and respectful manner when representing both Anime USA online and offline.
  10. If anyone has caused any staffer, attendee, or guest to be uncomfortable in their presence, please report it, as this qualifies as harassment. Harassment is generally defined as any behavior or action that makes someone uncomfortable and the harasser continues after they have been asked to stop. These issues can be addressed and the perpetrators need to understand that it is not taken lightly. If someone does something to make you uncomfortable, tell them to stop, even if it is in a public situation. Anime USA does not take harassment of any form lightly. Please see the Harassment Policy below for further details.


Staff Harassment Policy

Harassment and abuse of any kind is not tolerated by Anime USA. If you feel that any staff member has harassed you or another staff member, sexually or otherwise, then it needs reporting immediately. We rely on our staff to report any issues.

Harassment is generally defined as any behavior or action that makes someone uncomfortable that continues after the person has been asked to stop. For example, if you are requested to leave a person alone and you refuse to abide by their request, that qualifies as harassment.

Harassment and/or hazing in all forms or other treatment of a demeaning, abusive, threatening, or alarming nature will not be tolerated. Harassment may be of a verbal nature and include suggestive comments, insults, humor, and jokes about sex or gender-specific traits, and sexual propositions. Harassment also includes conduct that creates a hostile and intimidating environment that impairs an individual’s ability to function normally in an educational, occupational, or volunteer environment.

If anyone causes staffers, guests, contractors, or attendees to be uncomfortable in their presence due to harassment, Convention Leadership (your Directors, Vice Chairs, or Con Chair) needs to be made aware immediately of the situation. The issue(s) will be addressed.  

Consequences for violating this policy will be decided upon by Executive Staff but can include immediate removal from staff, removal from the convention, removal from the hotel, and/or a permanent ban from Anime USA depending on the infraction.

Social Media Policy – Personal Pages

Anime USA is an organization made up of volunteers. We love the enthusiasm and creativity our volunteers bring to our organization. We also appreciate the amazing level of participation and want our staff to have the opportunity to support us. To this end we have a few reminders regarding mention of Anime USA on personal and staff group social media accounts.

  1. Sharing official Anime USA social media posts is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.
  2. Anime USA recognizes many of our staff use social media, and often discuss the convention or their experiences online. We ask that you remember that your actions can reflect back on the convention, and encourage you to be professional in your postings, the same as you would do with your job. Repeatedly bashing the convention or making personal attacks on staffers will result in your removal from our staff. Sharing internal or working documents via social media will also result in removal from staff.
  3. Staff group postings should be Anime USA related. Staff interactions on the group should always be civil

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