Dealers Room

The Dealers Room is Anime USA’s marketplace. We’ve got everything from industry dealers to small businesses and independent retailers. The Dealers Room also features merchandise from our guests, our convention artists, our business sponsors, and Anime USA itself. Whether you’re looking for your favorite anime, a rare collectible, the perfect gift, or anything else you could possibly want, the Dealers Room is the place to be.

Here the list of dealers in Anime USA’s marketplace this year:

NameBooth Number
Alexa Polito/Raf Salazar
Alicia's Anime
209, 211

Allie Storm
Anime Mid-Atlantic211
Anime Castle408, 410
Anime Fix419, 421
Anime on Stage322
Anime Remix108, 110,112, 114
Anime Sekai405, 407, 504, 506
Arise Bazaar123, 125
Atlantic Games and Comics508, 510
Anime USA Merchandise Booth312, 314
Best Anime Shop109, 111, 208, 210
Blind Alley Studios610, 612
Buttered Buns Studios324
Camp Anime311, 313
Cierra Pulver418
Collectors Anime LLC520, 522,
Corset Punk and Kilts622, 624
Cosmic Crown LLC223
Cosplay Moo Moo505
Cutie Pie Kawaii517
Dave Lister415
DC Anime Club113
Diane Worden413
First Frame Studios225
Greentea Design507, 509
Image Anime218, 220
Immagina Press216
it cosplay423, 425
J&J Enterprises511, 513, 515
J&V Anime Corp213, 215
Jukebox Imports417
Kawaii And A Guy524
Kawaii Kitsune Studios618, 620
Kira Co518
Lunar Toy Store305, 404, 406
Mango Sirene319
Megaroad Toys323, 325
Micah Solusod316
Mythical Fair308
Navito World320
Nerd Elysium309
No Assumptions INC221
Painted Visions Comics523, 525
Phantom Wolf519
Professor Shyguy318
Psyche Corporation310
Red Falcon LLC614, 616
Rides in Revellion315, 317
Science Fiction Continuum409, 411
Sig Toys420, 422, 424
Silver Dragon Studios521
Steam Aged606
Tasty Peach Studios222, 224
The End Games119, 121
Tokyo Pop321
Twylite Fashions307
Victoria Robado416
Youth for Understanding212

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