Formal Ball

Each year, we host a themed formal ball at Anime USA! For 2016, Anime USA is excited to announce our theme: East Meets West…an intriguing blend between the Meiji era and steampunk fashion! Wear your finest kimonos or most intricate steampunk outfit, but don’t forget your dancing shoes as you’ll cha-cha, waltz, and swing your way through the night!

Dress Code

To help make this occasion extra special, the dress code for the ball is semi-formal/formal. That means no lip-flops, flannel, denim, vinyl, fishnets or other casual attire will be permitted. Clothing should be neither too tight nor too short. Skirts should be knee length and in general at least half your body must be covered in fabric. Men should have their chests covered, and bare midriffs are not allowed.

Footwear: Pick shoes that are both formal and good for dancing. Acceptable Shoes: Heels, Dressy flats, Zori/Geta, Men’s Dress Shoes. Unacceptable Shoes: Sneakers, Flip flops, Boots, Sandals. Footwear Note: Boots are generally not considered formal and can be dangerous on a crowded dance floor, thus with the exception of high heeled boots and some renaissance style tread-free boots (only when worn with fully formal renaissance clothes, check with us first), boots will not be allowed at the Ball.

Western Attire: Female Attire: Prom dresses, gowns, cocktail dresses, and dressy separates. Male Attire: At minimum – button down shirt, slacks, and tie. A suit jacket is recommended.

Formal Eastern Attire: Asian clothing such as Kimonos and Chinese dresses will be allowed as long as they are formal in appearance. Note: While traditional Japanese shoes such as zori and geta are allowed, they are not recommended for dancing.

Formal Cosplay Attire: Cosplay outfits should resemble formal wear of the non-costume variety. For example: long gowns, formal military attire, etc. School uniforms, armor, chains, and excessive belts are all considered informal. Large props, wings, and weapons will not be allowed in the event as they will be a hazard on the dance floor. You will be asked to remove anything that impairs your field of vision or range of motion.

Masks: Masks are not required, however they are permitted and encouraged so long as they do not pose a danger to yourself or others by obscuring your field of vision and/or range of motion.

And finally we offer a non-binding word of advice: wear something that you can dance in! Long trains or hems, awkward cardboard or fiberglass costume additions and large head pieces will only be an impediment to the fun.

All outfits are subject to inspection by Anime USA Staff, and members may be turned away for inappropriate clothing.

Dance Etiquette

A ball is first and foremost a dance. That means most everyone is there with the intention of dancing. Don’t be afraid to (politely) request someone join you on the floor. Your dancing doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you are mindful of the other dancers, and have a good time!

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