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Please join Anime USA in Welcoming Our Headlining Musical Guest: Rides In ReVellion!

Rides In ReVellionRides In ReVellion is a visual rock band from Osaka, Japan. Their music combines dramatic melodies reminiscent of classic visual kei artists with modern digital sound to create their unique “harmonized time paradox” that appeals to the hearts of all generations. They have played stages, both big and small, across their home country, and they are very excited to be making their overseas debut at Anime USA!

Since their inception, Rides In ReVellion has worked hard to ensure that their music is accessible to fans all around the world. Please join enchanting vocalist KuRo, elegant guitarist TaJI, charming bassist Nagisa, and bubbly drummer Ame for an unforgettable performance and other fun events this October.

English Twitter:

Want a previous of what you’ll get to see? Check out this video for a teaser!

Please join us in welcoming one of our cosplay guests, Mango Sirene!

MangoSireneNina Lynn (“Mango Sirene”) is a cosplayer, YouTube vlogger, and Twitch streamer based in the Midwest United States. After discovering cosplay back in 2007, she was instantly hooked. Despite having no prior experience with clothing fabrication, she jumped headfirst into the world of costuming, quickly teaching herself how to sew, style wigs, make props, and model her outfits. Her passion for the hobby eventually led to her becoming a fashion major during college, and she’s recently begun to collaborate with Simplicity Creative as a pattern designer and liaison for all things cosplay.

Nina has been an active member of the cosplay community since attending that first convention in ’07, having made more than 90 costumes over the past nine years. Her YouTube channel, which focuses on tutorials, convention vlogs, and other cosplay fun, has garnered over 3.8 million views and 70,000 subscribers. Using her degree in fashion design and her prior experience in theater, she frequently acts as a craftsmanship and performance judge for convention masquerades, and she herself has taken home several awards, including Best In Show and Best Skit Performance. Her focus behind everything she does is on creating a welcoming environment for those who are new to the hobby, all the while maintaining focus on the most important aspect of cosplay: having fun and striving to do your very best!

Anime USA welcomes back one of our educational guests, Robert V. Aldrich!

Robert AldrichRobert V Aldrich is an author and speaker based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  His writing is heavily influenced by anime, video games, and other geekery, as is his speaking.  He’s written numerous sci-fi/fantasy novels and for numerous periodicals.  He’s returning to AUSA to promote his newest book RocKaiju.  Outside of writing and convention-speaking, he’s a public health analyst and martial arts instructor.

Please join us in welcoming one of our cosplay guests, Kass McGann!

Kass McGannCostume Historian Kass McGann — a.k.a. “The Internationally Renown Being of Sweetness and Light™” — cannot wait for her third visit to Anime USA to share her knowledge of historical costuming and Japanese culture with the otaku.  After living on a Caribbean island for three years, Kass has one focus:  wearing more clothes!  Come learn about everything from the more obscure bits of Japanese costume history to Steampunk splendor, fabrics, colors, hats, hairdressing, accessories, the lot.  Let’s see just how many outfits a person can stuff into a weekend when she doesn’t have to worry about an airline luggage restriction, shall we?  In the meantime, you can follow her costume construction progress at

Please join us in welcoming one of our musical guests, DJ Logicoma!

DJ LogicomaFrom the undulating sac of a metropolis that is Baltimore City came Logicoma. DJ, producer, geek, and sad boy. He began producing and spinning music at the tender age of 14, blending together electronic, trap, hip-hop, and chill-wave to create something new and exciting. Logicoma draws inspiration from anime, bass music, and Japanese culture.

Music –
Twitter –

Please join us in welcoming one of our musical guests, Jacob Marley

Jacob MarleyJacob Marley is a musician and visual artist from Baltimore. Audibly inspired by weather and all things comprising his environment, and visually inspired by fashion; Jacob is an up and coming fashion designer and illustrator. A member of the Llamadon collective Jacob has helped organize and book shows in the Baltimore area, as well as play countless himself. After his first national tour in 2015 with Baltimore acts Elon + Chiffon, Jacob looks to take that road knowledge into planning more tours this year. With a building name Jacob is known for frequent collaborations with artists Elon, Boogie Madison, and AlienNood420, as well as contributions to Basement Radio.

Music –
Website –
Tumblr – >