LARP (Live Action Role-Playing)

Part Fanfic, Part Roleplay, and Part Tabletop game, LARP is a celebration of fandom and nerdyness that allows you to get into the skin of your favorite character and play as them along with others and their own. Pick the cutest, the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, the most Batman (or possibly, even Batman himself) and act them out in a world written and molded by our team of GMs’s.

Our LARP staff is willing and ready to write up any character from Anime, Movies, T.V. Shows, Western Cartoons, and any other form of media barring Fanfiction or Pornography for you to play as. Walk-ins are welcome any time Friday or Saturday, but character choices will be limited by Saturday at 3:00 PM, so if you have someone in mind, don’t be late!

This convention…

Humanity stands on the brink of extinction. An ancient board game gone awry has overrun every city on the planet save for one, hastily cobbled from the greatest technology that ever existed. Earth is covered in a never-ending expanse of lush and dangerous jungle, swallowing civilization whole.

Even more ancient enemies hover in earth’s orbit, their greatest obstacle, removed. They have banished adulthood from the universe, forbidden competence in all reaches of existence. Their manic cries of loathing echo through the skies, strange brass-domed Cyclopes seeking to wipe all sapient beings unlike themselves.

A single boy runs across time and space, desperately finding those talented few that may turn the future from tragic to victorious. His dreams have condemned earth, his goals nothing but redemption.

An impossibly powerful child gathers misfits and tyrants in the forest, tests them against each other, and demands tribute in the form of perfection.

It is a world where adulthood is an impossibility, and the last vestiges of an ages long organization has put together a meager resistance in their hidden city. This society of children is your base, your headquarters, and your backdrop. It is the only cradle you have left, the last bastion of hope on the planet.

It is your only way of going back home again.


LARP Rules

**Signups for the LARP can be done at Or you can email your top three character choices to**

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