Anime USA 2016 Attendee Checklist

All set for Anime USA? Here’s a short checklist and announcements to keep on hand for the convention:

  1. We now have Guidebook! Make sure to download the app and search for Anime USA 2016 to keep up with events and schedule changes.
  2. For everyone not local to the Washington, DC area and are using the metro, the Safetrack metro now closes at 12:00am midnight! Make sure to plan accordingly!
  3. Please make sure you’ve gone over the Autograph Policy and the Weapons Policy for the convention.
  4. We only have a limited number of printed programs available this year. If you would like an extra one, they will be available at registration for $5.
  5. But our printed Pocket Guides will be plentiful so feel free to grab one when needed!

If you have any questions, come on by the Information Booth and we’ll get you going in the right direction!

Have fun everyone!

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