Five Questions With Lord Ramirez

Lord Ramirez

1. First off, tell us more about yourself and what you do!

I’m a professional educator and entertainer. What I have done is very diverse, so lets go with telling you a little more about me. I started attending conventions around 1991. I think my first one was a Star Trek convention. I remember meeting Sulu, Scotty, and Chekov. I first got involved with Martial arts when I was five. This led to a lifelong fascination with Japanese culture. Useless trivia for AUSA my favorite restaurant while I’m at AUSA is UMI Sushi.

2. Do you have a favorite anime?

My favorite anime, would be Mazinger Z, which was one of the first ones I ever saw. The idea was pretty cool, and the side story about the Bobo bot was pretty funny.

3. Do you have a favorite costume that you’ve donned? Any tips for those who want to get into character?

No. I think each look I create has a specific purpose and that makes each of them fun. As for getting into character, If I was talking to an actor on acting I would suggest feeling the role by living it (Method acting). But as for a cosplayer, I’d say the key is having fun with it, and not feeling self conscious about it.

4. Can you tell us more about one of your panels?

Yes. The Oicho Kabu panel is one of my favorites. While I begin with the history of the game, It ends with us all playing it, and everyone tends to have a good time. The best thing about it is while you can play it with traditional Japanese Kabufuda cards, it can also be played with traditional western playing cards as well, making it a more accessible game.

5. Finally, what are you most excited for at Anime USA?

Getting to meet all of the attendees and the chance to share my passions with them!

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