Shikarius Gets Into Character At Anime USA!


We’re happy to bring the 13-year cosplay veteran on board for Anime USA! A holder of over two dozen cosplay awards, Shiki meticulously crafts all of her costumes and enjoys ending up with no more than 30% vision or movement capability at any given time. Her style can be described as “where did you even find that many rhinestones” combined with “selectively picky tailoring”, “whatever will make me look taller”, and “50% chance of being Levi from Attack on Titan”. You’ll be able to catch her roaming the convention as Matthew Perry Jr. from Samurai Jam Bakumatsu Rock, Midori Nagamasa from Aoharu x Machinegun, and Mikazuki Munechika from Touken Ranbu. On top of her costumed exploits, Shiki will be holding several panels and will be one of our judges for the cosplay masquerade! You can see more from Shiki at and, as well as with us Halloween weekend!

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