Anime USA Welcomes DJ Hazelnut and DJ Naughty Bitz

DJ Hazelnut

 Photo courtesy of Subdance and InMotion Photography

Michael was introduced to the decks in ‘09. He was determined to gain experience and knowledge with every aspect of DJ’ing & Turntableism and after learning the basics on Dj software, he picked up CDJ’s with months of practice. Soon after, he learned to play on Vinyl. Since the beginning of 2011, Hazelnut has been fortunate enough to play in clubs all over the DMV sharing the stage with acts such as Savant, Danny the Wildchild, Urban Assault; Gangsta Fun; Optiv; DJ Micro; LTJ Bukem; LJ MTX and much more amazing talent! Gaining experience playing almost every genre, Hazelnut’s taste and sets always vary; Guaranteed to please! Mainly sticking to Drum & Bass nowadays, there’s always a chance to hear a wide range but not limited to Electro Fidget, Funky Disco, with hints of Booty Swing’n House and Hip-hop Mashups. All the way to his original passion – UK Hardcore. Step by step, Hazelnut will make your feet move!

DJ Naughtybitz

Photo courtesy of InMotion Photography

Ricardo experienced his 1st party when going to Otakon 2009 and going to the Otaku Rave that was held there with his friends and after that weekend of raving for the first time he was hooked. He and his friends started attending more rave parties and eventually Ricardo fell so much in love with the music that he wanted to learn how to spin. He always loved Happy Hardcore and Uk Hardcore and began spinning that in February of 2010. His alias came to be when one night he was talking to his good friend Link and asked him what his DJ name should be.   His friend told him Naughty Bitz as a joke, but Ricardo loved it and said, “I’m definitely going with that!” Eventually, Naughty Bitz started growing tired of the “happy” tracks and started finding dirty heavy Uk Hardcore, Freeform Hardcore (Trance fused Hardcore) and Breakbeat Hardcore. He experimented on spinning other genres like House, Electro and Fidget and eventually he found out that it didn’t fulfill his needs as a DJ and started messing with Drum & Bass and Drumstep.   He immediately fell in love with DnB as well and now incorporates Uk Hardcore, Freeform, Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum & Bass and Drumstep in his live sets! So, as long as there’s a party, an after party, or just people kicking it, Naughty Bitz always brings the noise. Ranging from Uk Hardcore, Freeform, Videogame Hardcore to Drum & Bass and Drumstep, he can always keep the party going and the crowd moving. With a passion for the scene he’s always bringing you the most distinct tracks full of crowd pleasing flavor. If you haven’t caught a Naughty Bitz set be sure not to miss one; you will be asking for more.

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