Anime USA Welcomes Aeric Holbrook

Aeric HolbrookFor Aeric, it all started when he got hooked on early morning anime as an elementary school kid, which led to active volunteering at conventions, study abroad in Japan, and a B.A. in Japanese Studies. The adventure continued from there with his transition to DC to be a Committee Chair for the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival and receive a research-focused Master’s degree (M.A.Ed.H.D.) in International Education focusing on Japan. With a background in research on internationalization, study abroad, cross-cultural communications, and pop culture, he has enjoyed working in a number of educational programs with students and their interests in Japan. Though currently managing several exchange programs in Japan, Aeric has fun visiting conventions and sharing his experiences, research, and study abroad know-how with all.

Check out the Japan+theWorld Podcast, hosted by Aeric at

Twitter: @jpworldpod

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