Anime USA 2014 Schedule

We’re pleased to share the official schedule for Anime USA 2014! We’ve brought together an amazing group of musicians, voice actors, fashion designers, artists, cosplayers, educational guests, DJs, vendors, maids, and hosts to bring you an Anime USA like never before. We’re thrilled to bring back Kaya, along with the US premier of Schwarz Stein. Eyeshine will also be performing a great concert for you. We’ve also brought in fashion designers Mika Takeuchi and Kristin Costa to show off their newest designs and fashion historian Kass McGann help celebrate our fashion theme.

We know it wouldn’t be Anime USA without some of your favorite parts of con, including AMVs, the Formal Ball, Masquerade, Dances, Game Room, Artists Alley and Dealers Room. Our maids from My Cup of Tea Maid Cafe and our hosts from Ikeman Paradise Host Club have been waiting all year to spend time with you. So step forward with your camera or strike a pose and get ready for Anime USA 2014.

View the official schedule and make your plans for Anime USA 2014!

See detailed descriptions of the panels here.

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