AnimeUSA 2014 Cosplay Catwalk & Fashion Show Form

AnimeUSA 2017 Cosplay Fashion Show
Please fill this form out as completely as you can. Any incomplete forms may result in not being able to participate. Please make sure to read all the information listed on the website, and email with any questions. If you are going to be competing in the Cosplay Craftsmanship Competition or the Masquerade - please do not fill out this form.
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Real Name: *
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Cosplay/Stage Name:
We will use this for your stage announcement at Masquerade. If empty, we will use your real name.
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E-Mail: *
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Cell Phone Number: *
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Group Members:
If you are submitting a group, please list all members real names, stage names, contact emails, and ages here.
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Characters/Series or Fashion Type: *
Please list the characters and series or the type of fashion that you will be portraying.
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Any other questions? Concerns?:
Anything else that you need information on; please leave us a message here.
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Have you read the rules? *
I/We agree to the rules for AnimeUSA 2017's Cosplay Catwalk & Fashion Show, and agree to abide by them. Further I/We agree to permit photography and/or audio & video recording and permit use of photos and/or recordings for non-commercial purposes. Also I/We do agree to hold AnimeUSA, its organizers, and the facility both severally and individually blameless for any accident and/or injury suffered by me/us during the course of the exhibition except in cases of gross negligence on the part of those cited above.
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