Anime USA 2014 Press Pass Application

Anime USA Press Pass Application
Thank you for your interest in attending Anime USA as a member of the Press. To qualify for an Anime USA Press Pass, applicants must first pass a brief screening process based on planned coverage and previous work.
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About You & Your Outlet
Tell us a bit about your press outlet.
Name of your Press Outlet: *
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Website URL *
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Primary Contact for Press Outlet: *
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Primary Contact—Phone Number:
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Description of your Press Outlet: *
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Please provide links to samples of your work: *
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Does your Press Outlet use social media? If so, please select all that apply:
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Your History
Tell us a bit about your history with us. If you haven't attended Anime USA before, that's ok too! We like new faces.
Has your Press Outlet received an Anime USA Press Pass for past Anime USA conventions? *
Has your Press Outlet covered Anime Conventions or similar events? If so, please provide a summary of past work:
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Additional Information
Is there any additional information you would like to share with us?
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