Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe Enlightens us at Anime USA!

Sarah Hodge-WetherbeAnime USA is excited to announce that fandom and geek culture panelist Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe will be joining us this year! We know that she’ll provide plenty of entertainment no matter who you’re a fan of! On top of her usual fandom offerings, which carry across a huge spectrum of fan topics, she’ll be doing some Halloween and supernatural panels to go with our special holiday weekend! We’re excited to welcome Sarah as she brings a life of fun and fandom to us here at Anime USA. You can learn more about her here.

Anime USA Welcomes Brandon Potter

Brandon Potter

In 2006 Brandon Potter got his start in the anime world by starring as Sven Vollfied in the series, Black Cat. Since then he’s appeared in scores of shows like One Piece, Dragonball Z, School Rumble, Space Dandy, Aquarion, Darker than Black, Eureka Seven: AO, Michiko and Hatchin, and Tokyo Ghoul. Not only is he prolific voice actor he’s also written for a number of shows, most notably, One Piece. He even gets to direct from time to time. Basically, for the last 10 years Brandon has been working at Funimation making silly voices in a dark booth, or helping other people make silly voices in a dark booth.

We are very excited to have him with us this year, so come meet Brandon at Anime USA this Halloween weekend, October 30th – November 1st!

Anime USA Welcomes Beau Billingslea

Beau BillingsleaWe’re thrilled to announce the appearance of voice actor Beau Billingslea at ‪‎Anime USA 2015‬. You may know him as the voice of the Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop and Seal Walrus in Wolf’s Rain. Meet him Halloween weekend at Anime USA 2015, October 30–November 1! Learn more about Beau by visiting “Who To See” and stay tuned for more guest announcements!

Anime USA Welcomes Back Lilith Lore

Lilith Lore

Anime USA is happy to announce that Lilith Lore has returned to once again grace Anime USA with her oratory skills and tale-weaving prowess. Her hit storytelling show, Poison Apples & Pretty Witches has captivated many. Besides her talent for stage and performance art, she’s also a NASM certified personal trainer. We look forward to the frights, fantasy, and even the fitness she’ll be providing with us this year!

Welcome Back Kass McGann!

Kass McGannWe’re excited to welcome back Kass McGann to Anime USA 2015! An expert on historical costuming, Kass is excited to demonstrate her knowledge with a huge variety of panels from explaining the finer points of Geisha Makeup, or How to Dress for a Browncoat Ball.  As if she wasn’t busy enough, she’ll be one of our craftsmanship judges for the Masquerade this year. Kass was blown away by all the creative costumes she saw at last year’s AUSA and is revving up to make new and fantastic outfits for this year.  We hear that she has some amazingly colourful Steampunk ensembles planned.  And don’t be surprised if she channels her inner Inara this time around. ( Don’t forget to check out what she’s working on right now ( as well as her upcoming novel ( See you there! Check out more on the Who to See page.