Welcome Back Kass McGann!

Kass McGannWe’re excited to welcome back Kass McGann to Anime USA 2015! An expert on historical costuming, Kass is excited to demonstrate her knowledge with a huge variety of panels from explaining the finer points of Geisha Makeup, or How to Dress for a Browncoat Ball.  As if she wasn’t busy enough, she’ll be one of our craftsmanship judges for the Masquerade this year. Kass was blown away by all the creative costumes she saw at last year’s AUSA and is revving up to make new and fantastic outfits for this year.  We hear that she has some amazingly colourful Steampunk ensembles planned.  And don’t be surprised if she channels her inner Inara this time around. ( Don’t forget to check out what she’s working on right now (http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/blog) as well as her upcoming novel (https://www.facebook.com/KassMcGannProtoNovelist.) See you there! Check out more on the Who to See page.

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