Please join us in welcoming one of our educational guests, Daniel Tsang!

Daniel TsangDaniel Tsang is known throughout the con scene as Lodestar. Lodestar is a true Sagittarius: he’s an adventurer with a carefree heart and a biting sense of humor. If he was a fantasy character, he would be the unforgettable bohemian rogue that radiates charisma and has schemes for days. In his free time, Lodestar enjoys shounen anime, JRPGs, MOBAs, and RTS games, as well as low budget comedy films. He also enjoys physical activities such as yoga, zumba, barre, and cycling. Lodestar has danced as a featured soloist in various troupes, spun on color/winterguard teams, and worked as a choreographer and coach for many different performances. Lodestar has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Dance and English with a concentration in Fiction Writing. He is also currently working on his Masters of Education in Counselor Education. His ultimate goal is to become a nationally certified counselor so that he can let his iconic nature impact the world on a greater scale.

After being a panelist and guest speaker for different events and organizations, including AUSA and MAGfest, Lodestar decided to found his own paneling organization called Reframe. Reframe debuts at Anime USA this year! His panels focus on diversity and inclusivity, the world of magick and its tools, writing in its varied forms, and numerous video games. Follow him at, instagram @lodestarslagoon, or via Reframe can be found at or @reframecons on Twitter.

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