Five Questions with Lilith Lore

Welcome to a new series we like to call “5 Questions, ” where we find out more about our upcoming guests for Anime USA 2015. First up is Lilith Lore.

Lilith Lore

1. First off, tell us more about yourself and what you do!

I hold a theater degree from Rutgers university, and have parlayed that into a modest but fulfilling career as a storyteller, burlesque dancer, and improvisor. Since it can be hard to make a steady living as a performer, I also pursued my passion for fitness and body positivity and am now a NASM certified personal trainer.

You can learn more about both of my careers by visiting and

2. What’s your favorite thing about Japan? Do you have a favorite anime?

Fox stories! I first started researching Japanese tales a few years ago, when I was asked to do an all-Edo version of my show for this very convention (up until that point my tales were mostly Western European in origin). I fell a little bit in love with the new-to-me storytelling conventions, but most of all the kitsune archetype.

3. What was your first story that you ever performed in front of an audience?

Little Red Cap is the very first story I wrote and performed as a part of Poison Apples & Pretty Witches. But if you want to get really technical, my third grade class did a play on American Tall Tales, and my character told the story of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe. So I’ve been at this fairy tales and folklore gig a pretty long time.

4. Can you tell us more about one of your panels?

I’m always thrilled to bring my work as a performer to conventions, but this is the first time I’ll be working as a fitness professional in this kind of setting. I’m looking forward to helping people ease into Saturday with Hangover Release, but I think I’m most excited for my Avoiding Con Crash panel. Between my work as a trainer and my experience as a con attendee/performer, I have a lot of great advice on this topic–and if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll learn a thing or two as well.

5. Finally, what are you most excited for at Anime USA?

The cosplay, hands down. My own sewing talents are fairly minimal, but it’s always a joy to see people painstakingly recreate their favorite characters, out of shear love of their fandom and their craft.

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