Meet Fashion Designer, Mika Takeuchi, at Anime USA 2014

Mika Takeuchi

Meet acclaimed fashion designer, Mika Takeuchi, at Anime USA 2014!

Japanese fashion designer Mika Takeuchi will be coming to the US Washington DC 2014 ANIME USA convention!

10 years of working under h.NAOTO and designer for h.jelly, FRILL, Melt etc. The MIKA TAKEUCHI is both distinctive and unique with a balance of gothic, lolita, and punk aeshetics coupled with a touch of masculinity.

The MIKA TAKEUCHI brand will have a booth at the Dealers Room with the new 2014 AUTUMN/ WINTER collection along with limited edition items that will be sold only in the US!

Designer Mika Takeuchi will also be at the Jhouse-Rock booth so you can ask her questions on coordination, creation or any thing else you have in mind and also get to know her. Customers who purchase any item at the booth will be able to take a Polaroid with the designer.

This will be her first attendance in the US conventions, she have been invited to show case her newest Neo-Gothic 2014 collection in Washington DC and it will be her very first international show!

In addition, the MIKA TAKEUCHI line will be on display in a Fashion Show, held on a large stage on October 4th (Saturday) in the afternoon so make sure you come and see this amazing show!

Models are also wanted for this very special show and people who are selected will be able to experience her world of Neo gothic-ness and will get a special 20% discount at the booth! Click here to learn more about the modeling opportunity.

Video Transcript: Hello everyone, I am Mika Takeuchi, designer of MIKA TAKEUCHI. This is actually our first fashion show that will be done in America at Anime USA. It will be an amazing show, so please come by! The items that will be used in the show will later be sold in the booth, where you can try them on and I will also be able to assist you. I hope to see you there!

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