Rock on with Eyeshine at Anime USA 2014

Fresh off our announcement of voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch comes Eyeshine!

When we shared the news of Johnny Yong Bosch on our Facebook page, we received a positive response. Thank you for your input! We know you’ll love this four-piece act, featuring Johnny as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player. Eyeshine is an “edge rock” band that consists of Johnny Yong Bosch, Maurice Salmin (drums, percussion), Masataka “Polo” Yazaki (lead guitar), and Ginny Eck (bass, strings). They have since toured worldwide and self produced over 11 albums. Eyeshine won Ford Motor Company’s worldwide band battle in 2012 and recorded a single with Grammy Award winning producer Don Was.

Learn more about Eyeshine by visiting “Who To See” and stay tuned for our official schedule to find out when they’ll be playing!

New Theme and Educational Guests Coming to AUSA ’14

We’re excited to announce three guests who will be the core of our theme and educational programming in 2014.

Kass McGann is an internationally recognized costume historian and the founder of the costuming resource and pattern company Reconstructing History. She’s excited to be joining us to talk about the history of Japanese fashion, fan fashion today, and to serve as a judge as part of our Masquerade.

Lord Ramirez is a popular educator on a wide range of topics relating to Japanese culture and history. He’ll be teaching a number of hands-on work shops where you can learn traditional art forms as well as discussing elements of contemporary Japanese culture.

Long-time Anime USA favorite Charles Dunbar will be returning to bring our members new perspectives on fan culture and anime. He’ll be packing panel rooms with his engaging discussions. We’re very excited to have all three joining us for our 2014 convention.

Learn more about these guests by visiting “Who To See” and stay tuned for a schedule announcing their panels, workshops, and more.

Second Guest of the Year: Michele Knotz

Michele Knotz

This year marks the return of guest, Michele Knotz!

You may have heard of Knotz in a classic series called Pokémon, where she voices the infamous Jesse of Team Rocket.

Knotz was first seen at Anime USA 2012. We look forward to her panel, Knotz Your Every Day Panel, where she lets fans show off their talents. Learn more about Knotz by visiting “Who To See” and check back often. We’ll be announcing more guests as the year progresses.

First Guest of the Year: J Michael Tatum

J Michael Tatum Back by popular demand: J Michael Tatum!

Tatum is known for his work on hits such as One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, and Initial D.

Tatum was first seen at Anime USA 2009 and returned again in 2011. We look forward to his behind-the-scenes stories this year at Anime USA! Learn more about Tatum by visiting “Who To See” and check back often. We’ll be announcing more guests as the year progresses.