2016 Panel Descriptions


Anime USA will be offering a children’s track again this year. We invite all of our younger otaku and their parents to stop by for crafts, activities, and other great ways to Explore Japan! The room will be open throughout the weekend with scheduled activities, or drop in for free play any time, but don’t let the name fool you, the Children’s room is open to all ages as the doll workshops and doll gallery are an awesome opportunity for any attendee!

Unfortunately, Anime USA is not able to allow unaccompanied children to visit the children’s track.

Doll Gallery

On display all weekend, everyone will want to stop by the Japanese Doll Gallery where E. A. Cox again displays her extensive collection of antique and modern dolls from Japan. It is highlighted by a five-foot-tall hinadan complete with fifteen hina dolls and enough lacquer furniture for a Japanese bride to set up a traditional household. The hinadan is displayed with tatami mats and a small traditional, table set for a hinamatsuri festival party. There are also two gorgeous wedding kimonos included in the display.

Doll MakingWorkshops – Doll educator Anne Cox will be present all weekend, leading free doll making workshops and teaching children about the different types of dolls in Japan. Come make our mascot Kaede, her pet cat, ninja warriors, and more. Workshop times on the schedule are approximate. Doll making may be limited due to the number of kits/table space availableand are open to all ages.

Free Play Activities:

  • Anime
  • Coloring
  • Take-home crafts


Anime for Musicians – Were you ever in marching band? There’s an anime for you! Do you enjoy jazz? There’s an anime for you! Like to shred on your guitar in your rock band? Yup! You guessed it! There’s an anime for just about every kind a musician! From Nana, Sound Euphonium, K-on, Beck, and more!

Anime’s “Greatest”Parents – Anime has always had some very interesting parents. But who has stood out as the best of the worst? Join CapsKat Cosplay as we count down our top 10 “greatest” parents, as well as celebrate the ones who don’t force their kids into giant robots.

Anime Openings Through the Decades – The openings is where a show puts it’s best foot forward. Come join us as we take a look at some of the best anime openings of the past 40 years!
Anime Parliament – Welcome to the highest court in the anime multi-verse. Anime Parliament® is where you can step forward as a character or fan, and institute the changes you feel should be made. Come and state your case! But remember: Be ready for a debate, because you’ll most certainly get one.

Behind the Stand: JoJo’s Bizarre Discography – What do Jojo, Kars, Maraiah, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sex Pistols, and Kiss have in common? Absolutely nothing, unless you are familiar with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure(s) of course.  The hits don’t stop coming in this panel featuring a discussion of the many musical inspirations behind the much beloved franchise.  Don’t touch that dial! From Aerosmith to Yo-Yo Ma, we’ve got you covered. Get back, get back to this panel!
Bon Voyage! An Intro to Epic Space Journeys and Other Space Operas – Be it finding the 13th Colony of Kobol or trying to make it home from the far-off Delta Quadrant, join us as we introduce and discuss Space Opera ranging from Space Battleship Yamato to BattlestarGalactica.

But What Is “Evil”? Morality & Ethics in the Fate Universe – Every entry within the Fate portion of the Type Moon multiverse plays around with ethical codes, “good vs evil”, intentions, & virtues, this panel’s aim is to get to the bottom of it & discuss the intricate nature of morality in the Fate Universe.

Don’t Judge a Show By Its Cover: Good Shows with Odd Quirks – Tons of anime come out every season and sorting through it all is difficult. Some shows are dropped without a second thought because of some odd feature they have. This panel is going to try to convince you to give some of those shows a shot.

Get to know your anime company – Do you know how many anime licensers there are? Come and learn about the cottage industry of licensing anime.

Girl Power: Feminism and the Magical Girl Genre (Director’s Cut) – Come take a look at the classic magical girl genre through the lens of feminism. Examine all the controversies that come with transformation sequences, adorable mascots and the power of friendship with this year’s special extended edition.

Godoka and Man: The Politics of GenUrobuchi – What do magical girls, ancient heroes, future cops, & giant robots have to do with political thought? More than you think! Join in a talk on the political themes in the works of Gen Urobuchi. Anime fans and politicos of all stripes welcome!

I’m At Your Service: Servants of the Fate Universe – The fantastical world of Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero & many others feature many real life legend/historical figures portrayed as Heroic Spirits. Let’s explore some of these depictions & how accurate they are to their real life counterparts.

Looking Back: The 2015 Anime Season InReview – 2015 packed a punch (a “One Punch”) with it’s anime lineup! Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of anime series in 2015 including Food Wars, GATE,  Your Lie in April, and more!

Makoto Shinkai: Life, Love, and Lessons Learned – Makoto Shinkai is a director that seems to be able to resonate with a large amount of viewers. But how does he accomplish this? What techniques does he like to use? We’ll go over his works and analyze how he crafts these touching stories.
Miko: Japan’s Magical Girls – Cyborgs and sailor senshi exist in pop culture, but miko–Shinto priestesses–are a real part of Japan’s everyday life. They play important roles in manga and anime from “InuYasha” to “Key the Metal Idol”.

Modern Directors (who are not Miyazaki) – This Panel will explore modern day anime directors who are not Miyazaki. This panel will utilize different clips from different directors to compare and contrast their styles.
Off With Their Head – What makes an interesting anime? The plot? The characters? The fan service? No, it’s the death! Come join a discussion on the many influential deaths in anime and how they’ve been used to create a more emotionally layered story. Feel free to vent about the ones you’ve loved or hated while we navigate this bloody subject!

Psychological Experiments Lain – Serial Experiments Lain dealt with many serious themes during its run. One of those themes was psychology; this panel will look at all of the psychological aspects of the show and what they meant to the overall themes.

Shoujos for Broujos – The culmination of a multi-year journey of shoujo discovery by self-proclaimed manly robot guy Dan, at the behest of his girlfriend, with the aim of finding anime produced for girls and women that has wider appeal. Come to add to your viewing list, or suggest candidates for ours.

The Bravest Robots: Sunrise’s Brave Series – In 1990 Sunrise launched Brave Exkaiser and kicked off the Braves franchise. Born out of Transformers and inspiring the likes of GurrenLagann these Brave robots were over the top. Come find out what made these Robots so Brave!
The Evangelion Fan Panel – Calling all fans of Evangelion, this panel is for you. This is an open-discussion panel about everything related to Evangelion. Feel free to ask questions or just come shout about how much you love the show / franchise.

Toradora: How to do Good Characters – ToraDora has a rich cast of characters with their own struggles and their own personalities. This panel will attempt to analyze the characters and their relationships as they play out over the course of the series.

When Subtitles go Wrong – Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes those responsible for subtitles make mistakes. This panel is going to look at those funny mistakes and try to figure out where it all went so wrong (or right, if done on purpose).

Why “Marnie” Is There: Why Japan Loves This Book – Studio Ghibli’s latest film is based on a British novel beloved by Japanese readers. In adapting the book, additions include classic Kabuki ghost stories and the Tanabata summer festival to bring a curious friendship to life.
You May Have Missed It: Good New Shows – New shows come out every season. So many new shows, in fact, that it’s overwhelming at times. In this panel we’ll look at some of the new shows from the last 2 to 3 years to go over ones that may have flown under your radar.


A Brief History of Anime – Where did anime come from? What caused today’s popular genres and trends? Join Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) as he steps through a hundred years of Japanese animation, identifying the important works that’s shaped anime.

Anime History – A fan’s guide to the rise of modern anime, culture and fandom      Come and learn about anime from its birth to the modern day and how it has evolved over the decades as well as the cultural impact of media and its influences.
Anime Tourism – Watching anime is great. But you know what’s better? Being there. In this panel, we’ll talk about places to visit, things to buy, and seasonal events, to make the most out of a trip to Japan.
Anime Vendors Are Serious “Business” – Learn a little bit about what goes into being an anime vendor from the idea for a business, the paperwork and legal aspects, general operations and responsibilities, and even some tricks of the trade that can benefit your startup.

Building the First Japanese Railroads – The year is 1873. Your job: to build a 20-mile railroad connecting Osaka with the new deep water port at Kobe with Osaka. You must acquire materials, cross raging rivers, and build to withstand earthquakes. Will your design stand up?

Castles of Japan – From civic pride to national treasures, Japan’s castles hearken back to a turbulent period in history. We’ll discuss how they were developed and used in times of war and how they’ve been reborn as tourist attractions in modern times.
Communicating Anime – Having a hard time explaining your fandom? Trying to expand your hobby but running into road blocks? Learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate your fandom of anime.

Drawing Mrs. Brisby: The Animation Career of Don Bluth – Join us for an explorative discussion of the man who did for America what Miyazaki did for anime in Japan. [A Manly Battleships® Production]

Fullmetal Alchemy: FMA and the Real-World Alchemical Tradition        – From philosopher’s stones to Paracelsus, the alkahest to the Wu Xing, FMA is full of references to the history and traditions of alchemy in real life. Take a journey across the borders of magic and science, fantasy and history, reality and the Truth!

Historical vs Fantasy Arms and ArmorIlya and Matt will reveal the historical and artistic influences that influence the aesthetic and processes for their weapons builds. They will then expand on the difference in form and function between historical and fantastical weapons and armor.

History and Making of JapaneseHinas – “Hinamatsuri, the Japanese Doll festival. Learn the history, the meanings and the construction of some of Japan’s most traditional dolls. Discover how are they similar and how are they different from other Japanese dolls.

Ink and Paint Come Alive: How Anime is Made – How does an anime studio actually produce an episode of anime? What are the actual steps, and how are they broken down? Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) takes you through the real animation process, including voice recordings and effects.

Japanese Savory Foods: More than Ramen and Sushi – Do you like food? Do you like to get off the beaten path and learn about new cuisine? Come check out Japanese Savory foods! Most of you know about Ramen and Sushi, but how much do you REALLY know about them? What about the other unique and delicious dishes that Japan has to offer? Come learn about the history of Japanese cuisine along with a savory showcase of some of the unique and iconic dishes that Japan has to offer

Japanese Tea and You – This panel covers all facets of ryokucha (Japanese tea), including different varietals/taste profiles, brewing techniques and purchasing recommendations. The focus is on “real world”/everyday tea drinking… not tea ceremony!

Karate for Self-Defense – Welcome to Karate for Self-Defense, back again at Anime USA!  Join Sensei Ian as he shows you how karate can help you recognize and avoid trouble, and if all else fails then punch it in the mouth with maximum efficiency. Learn avoidance, escapes, and a variety of other simple and easy techniques that anyone can perform, no matter age, physical shape, or previous martial arts experience. For all ages. Remember: the best way to fight is to not get in a fight, unless there are ninjas. Then you should probably go to this panel to learn how to fight ninjas. Hurry! Before they strike you down!

Kimono Dressing Demonstration – Come experience and learn how to dress yourself in the most casual garment, yukata, all the way up to the most formal and intricate kimono. Attendees may be selected to be dressed for the demonstration.

Kimono Vanishing Tradition – Paul MacLardy, co-author of Kimono Vanishing Tradition: Second Edition, discusses kimono as an art and as a garment and why the art is dying. Recently uncovered is the new life being breathed into the garment from the most unexpected sources!

Man at arms – a Behind the Scenes LookMatt and Ilya will lead an informal discussion about Man at Arms behind the scenes.

Mastering the Art of the Crane Game – Akihabara: a must see destination for any anime fan. Lining the streets of the town are countless arcades, each full of prizes to win and games to play. But navigating an arcade for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, leading to some serious spending. Join me as I talk about my many first hand experiences in an typical Japanese Arcade where I will teach you the tricks on how to win the prize of your dreams and play the coolest new games, while making sure you don’t end up with an empty wallet!

Nautical Nonsense: A Look into Japanese Naval History and the Anime it Spawned – From Kantai Collection to Arpeggio of Blue Steel to Space Battleship Yamato, the history of the Japanese Navy has inspired many beloved Anime. Join us as we dicusss these series and the history that inspired them.

One Week in Japan – Traveling to Japan sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll talk about our weeks in Japan: what worked, what didn’t, and how to squeeze the most out of your time (and money).

Tea Ceremony– For over 60 years, ChadoUrasenke has been a leader in introducing Chado (Japanese “Way of Tea”) to the general public and providing lessons to students in the Greater Washington Area. Zen Buddhism-inspired Chado – also known as the Tea Ceremony has been practiced for centuries in Japan as a way to cultivate inner harmony and peace, and a sense of oneness with nature and others.

The Duel Named Revolution: Making Sense of Revolutionary Girl Utena – Why DID Utena turn into a car, anyway? Well, there’s an answer, but to get there we’ll have to go through narrative traps, moral ambiguity, early 20th century German writers, false binaries, cantarella, abuse, and a duel named Revolution…

The Godfather of Anime: Osamu Tezuka– Osamu Tezuka is known as the “godfather of Anime” for creating many timeless series. Some of his works are still considered legends in the anime world, Astro Boy and Black Jack, to name a few. This panel will explore his life from childhood to adulthood, and how he became the Godfather of Anime. The panel will further examine the legacy he has left in the anime world.

The Shinsengumi: The Uber-Samurai, Their Portrayal in Media, and the Nobility ofFailure– A motley assortment of samurai, brought together by the government, fought to keep Japanese society stable in the 1800’s…and failed. This panel will guide you to the real Shinsengumi and the versions in anime and Japanese film and TV.

What’s in a Voice? An Intro to Voice Over – Come learn about what it takes to get started in Voice Over! Brandon Winckler (Marvel Avengers Academy) takes you on a quest inside the booth, from Anime Auditions, to Video Games. What does it take to get started? And experience a Mock Audition for yourself!!!

What Makes a Villain? – The age old question that has plagued writers for years. Come as we discuss and give examples of various villains viciously victimizing villagers and victors alike.

Wotagei – The Art of the Fan Dance – What is the proper etiquette when watching your favorite idols dance their hearts out on stage? It’s not just to sit and watch~ AKB2AM presents Wotagei: The Art of the Fan Dance


Art of the Meiji Period – The Treaty of Kanagawa ended Japan’s national seclusion and opened the floodgates of western influence. As traditional and modern society clashed, so did the art styles in Japan. It was a battle between Nihonga(traditional) and Yoga(western). Their method of combat: exhibitions. So, which style won? Join this panel to find out!

Kwaidan: Lafcadio Hearne, the Meiji era, and Monsters – In the Meiji era of Japan, Japan was changing on a rapid scale politically and culturally. This panel introduces three different people of the Meiji era, and their very different approaches to Japanese ghost & monster folklore.

Man at Arms: Sword Ornamentation and History – Man at Arms presents a brief overview of the history and iconography of Japanese sword fittings. Starting with early Heian and ending with Meiji gift fittings. The panel will focus on key motifs in the development of Japanese sword garniture.

Samurai Stereotypes in Historical Fiction Anime and Manga – Do you love historical fiction anime/manga set in the Tokugawa/Meiji Eras? Ever wonder why your favorite samurai historical figures are depicted the way they are? Come discuss samurai stereotypes from RurouniKenshin, Samurai Champloo and Hakuouki!

A Story of Three Castles
The Meiji Restoration did not come easily into being. The Tokugawa Shogun did not readily relinquish power. The Samurai faced a loss of influence and prestige. A series of civil wars burned across Japan for nearly a decade. Ours is the story of three Great Castles and what part they played in the establishment of what ultimately became Modern Japan. We begin in February of 1868 at the Osaka stronghold of Tokugawa Yoshinobu, and record as ordinary soldiers of the Emperor, the frightening maze of walls, moats, and turrets that protect the castle keep. Afterward we return to our home in Kyushu as respected officers of the Emperor’s army, and become part of the garrison of his westernmost outpost, the Castle at Kumamoto. There on February 19, 1877 we will be attacked by an immense Samurai army that has risen in rebellion against the new government. We will defend the Castle with our lives. After the war is over we will visit Himeji Castle in central Kansai. This Castle was never attacked. And you will learn the reasons why.


Adult Swim: The Early Years (Hodge-Wetherbe) – Adult Swim has carried some of the most influential programming in fandom, varying from Robot Chicken to late night anime blocks. You might find it surprising that if not for things like Hanna Hanna-Barbera and Loony Toons, the off shoot of cartoon network might not have survived. In this panel, we look at the early days of adult swim and how these early animation studios helped create an adult cartoon block.

Advanced Pokémon Breeding & Training – Now that you know the basic of breeding, let’s take it a step further. Competitive breeding is vital. In this lesson, we will cover how to set up your IV and EV values, and abilities to get the optimum results for your competitive team.

Celebrating 25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog – 2016 marks Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary! Since 1991, the speedy blue hedgehog has had his ups and downs. Let’s discuss the games, play trivia, win prizes, and hang out with fellow Sonic fans!

Cosplay is for Everyone (Hodge-Wetherbe) The Cosplay is for Everyone movement is a coming together of cosplayers who have decided to fight back against the myth that only perfect physical representations and recreations of characters are welcome in the cosplay world. In this panel, we look at cosplayers of all physical descriptions, talk about found piece cosplay, and other beginner cosplays methods. We also talk about how to look for welcoming communities of help in learning types of cosplay crafting, and how as cosplayers we can make the hobby more inclusive.

Diamond in the Rough: Gaming – Covering some less than stellar games/series that you should still give a chance despite their many flaws, with a particular focus on several JRPG games/series. Audience participation is encouraged!

Gameshow Impossibru: Tame That Tune – The Manly Battleships® are proud to bring you their ever-popular version of the classic song match game! Put your repertoire of knowledge up against the best we have to offer for the chance of candy and other prizes!

Gargoyles: Reinventing Myth for Modern Times (Hodge-Wetherbe)In 1994 Disney rocked the animation world with a show that used Shakespeare, and world mythology to create a story of magic, darkness, love, and redemption. In this panel, we talk about this amazing show, and how it helped changed how Americans viewed animation as a storytelling form.

I Cast A Forward Pass: Tabletop Sports – You’d think nerds and sports don’t go together, but in a land before Madden and decades before D&D, these geeky souls staked their claim in the Wide World of Tabletop Games. Come and look live at the past and present of board game sports.

The Intersection of Technology and Romance: Steampunk 101 (Hodge-Wetherbe) –
For all its appeal, steampunk can be a very hard genre to define. In this panel, we discuss the various ways steampunk is identified, look at how it developed as a genre, and see how it is influencing everything from literature to fashion. This includes a reading list of both speculative and steampunk fiction for folks just starting to get interested in steampunk.

Majik Mystery Loot Brawl – Yankee Gift Swap? $10 buy-in for this fast-paced game of theft & blind luck. Toys, tails, art & more! You just need to choose wisely & hope no one steals your prize. Yes, STEAL! Every choice is a gamble! Never fear, no one leaves empty handed. Max 30 players, every player wins!

Proff. Link Presents – Come learn from the most knowledgeable person on the land of Hyrule to explain some of the aspects you always wondered about. This may be the only time you ever hear him speak. But hey! He can jump now!

Quiplash: Family edition – A quick wit and the ability to read the room are all you need to win this gameshow; and the audience controls your fate every step of the way. This is the FAMILY FRIENDLY version so we will have a youth round (with parental aid) and a Teens vs Tweens round.

So, you wanna be a Pokémon breeder? – So, you wanna breed Pokémon? Maybe you’re hunting a hidden ability Pikachu? A shiny Eevee, perhaps? In this panel, Pokémon Breeder Ashe will teach you the best methods and tips for breeding out some Pokémon with interesting results

Vague Jeopardy – You may think you know the answers, but do you really? Each question has 3-5 correct answers, but only ONE gets you the points. Careful, a wrong answer sends you to the back of the queue.

Wheel of Fortune – America’s Game becomes AUSA’s game! Players will spin, buy, and solve their way to thousands of dogecoin in fantastic prizes imported straight from Japan.

18+ Panels

Action Arcade Presents: Weird Night of Gaming!(18+) – Action Arcade brings you a night of the weirdest games that we can find on the internet! Some fan submitted, some that we scour the depths of the internet for ourselves. What will we play this time? Come find out!

AMV Hell 6.66: This is (Not) the End (18+) – It is late!  It is the witching hour!  WATCH OUT!  There are AMV’s in there! You never know what will happen when the AMV’s change!  Is it the end?  You will only know if you come in and watch!

AMV Hell 7 (18+) – AMV’s everywhere!  This compilation of AMV’s is definitely wild and crazy fun!  Come watch the hilarity ensue!  Please remember the AMV’s included in this are professional AMV’s and you should attempt your own AMV ideas at your own discretion!

Anime USA’s AMV Horror Contest (18+) – It’s that time of year again! The time where the spooky, kooky and wild and crazy editors come out and give us what they’ve got! Come watch what we have for you, and vote which is the best! You the audience decide who takes home our HORROR Trophy! Be aware that some things you see may be disturbing for many reasons but it’s still going to be a great evening!

Basic Rope Bondage (18+) – Sciguy has been rigging for over nine years and running tutorials at Anime conventions for four. Let him and his lovely models show you the ropes! This intro panel will go over safety, single and two-column ties, harnesses, and includes demos

Berserk: A Medieval Epic (18+) – Come and learn about one of Japan’s greatest medieval epics in anticipation of the new anime release.

Berserk Meetup (18+)

Con Staff After Dark (18+) – An uncensored Q&A panel with convention staffers from all walks of cons.

Coordinator’s Best of the Best (18+) – You’ve seen Anime Music Video contests, but do you know there is a darker and seedier side of AMVs? Well come see my thoughts on the best of the best. Beware! There will be some pretty gruesome and some naughty themes and scenes! Learn a bit about what some AMV judges look for when deciding what can be in a general audience contest showing!

Cosplay Burlesque(18+) – Cosplay Burlesque is the East Coast’s premier burlesque troupe specializing in fandom and convention entertainment! Featuring a rotating cast of 30+ performers of all genders and orientations, Cosplay Burlesque has entertained audiences at over 40 events since 2008. We feature striptease artists, comedians, dancers, singers, sideshow, acrobats, & drag acts – all dressed as your favorite characters from TV, comics, movies, video games, and more!

Doujinshi 101(18+) – What’s a doujinshi? How are these erotic fancomics legal? And how do you, as a stateside fan, get your hands on one? Join us, as we explain the history, the fun, and how-to-buy on some of Japan’s hottest fanworks!

Fetlife Meetup (18+)

Full Metal Pornologists (18+) – Join our expert team on a fun-filled journey through the world of otaku erotica. Listen a bit, watch some videos, earn some prizes. Come along, and we will pound knowledge into you! [A Manly Battleships® Production]

Ghost Stories: Stories About Ghosts(18+) – Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means: time for some good old spooky ghost stories!! And no one does scares like the cult classic anime Ghost Stories. Join us as we talk about this show’s infamous history and learn just how it still has a huge following even after 16 years. Of course, no panel would be complete without showing some of the best clips from the show.

Guropoid: Recounting Grotesque & WTF?! Vocaloid Videos (18+) – This panel will focus on all the creepy, grotesque, & general WTF?! videos out there on the interwebs provided for Vocaloids. So, bring your popcorn, hide yo’ husbandos& come prepared to gawk at the insanity of the darker side of Vocaloid!

In the End Robots Will Fight: The Works of Masami Obari (18+)– Robots are cool and mecha designers who like making cool robots are even cooler! Come join us as we take a look at the works of one of the most hot blooded mecha designers working in anime; Masami Obari!

Intermediate Rope Bondage(18+) – Do you already know a few knots or have you been to the Basic Rope Bondage panel? If so, come and some more advanced techniques! We’ll be going over Japanese box tie, futomomo, and how to use everything in both panels in a practical environment.

Kakos Industries live corporate announcements (18+) – “Welcome all shareholders to our live announcements. Presenting ep. 14) Bring Your Daughter to Evil and 15) Giant ⬛⬛⬛ Robots! All guests will be entered in a special edition of our Ruin a Life Contest. Kakos Industries: Do Evil Better”

Mad Skills from a Mad Editor (18+) – Ever thought about what it takes to make Anime Music Videos? I will discuss the esoteric and practical aspects of making an AMV. Come to find out where to find inspiration, understand the philosophies as well as editing and productions. Come enjoy this and some of my latest work.

Name that Kink! (18+) – Think you know your hentai? Challenge other perverts with your knowledge of Japanese smut and name that kink!

Sex and the Single Pig: Porco Rosso (18+) – The creation of Porco Rosso is as unusual as the film, with ties to Marilyn Monroe, Les Miserables and the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Find out why Miyazaki wanted his movie “frowned upon by the PTA”.

Sexual Nerds: the Intersection of Geek and Kink Culture(18+) – Hentai, tentacles, and whips, oh my! Ever wonder about the guy in full leather or the girl in a collar? Are you curious, but are too afraid to ask? We’d like to offer resources, answer questions, and make the kinky world a little less dark and scary.

So You Want To Be an Idol?(18+) – With idols becoming more and more popular, we want to make it easier for new people to break into the “idol life” with cosplay and more. We go over poses, the composition of idol dances (the importance of counts and left vs right), even how to create and maintain a “moe voice”. When there is interest from the audience, we include makeup tips, workout tips (to help prevent injury dancing), as well as construction tips for custom outfits. It’s a very attendee-driven panel.

This the 18+ version of the panel where we include more tsundere/yandere influence. The regular is completely child-friendly whereas this one may include words and content that are not.

Terms You Should Know Before You Hentai(18+) – Ever wanted to know what Paizuri meant? Needed to find the genre of hentai right for you? Join a hentai enthusiast and learn what you might wantto start off with before entering the wonderful world of Hentai.

The Golden Truth: Everything You Need to Know About Umineko (18+) – October 4th, 1986. 18 people arrive on the island of Rokkenjima. Only one survives. But how did this happen? Witches? Money? Romance? Betrayal? All will be revealed! (TW: this panel will contain gore and the topic of rape, so please be wary!)

Quiplash(18+) – A quick wit and the ability to read the room are all you need to win this gameshow; and the audience controlls your fate every step of the way. This is the 18+ version, so tuck your kids in bed because I’ve seen enough Hentai to know where THIS is going

Um, Is There Alcohol In This? (18+ Slumber Party) (Mango Sirene) – Join Mango Sirene and friends for an After Dark Pajama Party and Q&A. Want to know what our favorite ships are? Curious about how we plan our debaucherous photoshoots? Have burning questions about our thoughts on a particular series? Or simply want to hang out and chat about anime? This is the panel for you. Anything goes, but BYOD (Bring Your Own Dakimakura).

Violent JapanimationsFrom Japan (18+) – Remember when Blockbuster would stock child friendly anime like Totoro next to such violent masterpieces like Ninja Scroll and Demon City Shinjuku? We’re here to revel in those days when they were those crazy “Violent Japanimations” that your mom didn’t want you to see!

When Otaku Attack: The Dark Side of Fandom (18+) (Hodge-Wetherbe) – Fandoms are wonderful communities, but like all communities they have a dark side. From body shaming cosplayers to sexual harassment at con, there are many problems within the fan community. We’ll examine the many issues that come up in fan communities and talk about ways to help make them welcoming for all fans.

Whose Line is it Anime (18+) – Hideyoshi, Naruto, and Kiyo Takamine are all placed in Kuro-sensei’s class. What could possibly go wrong? When the shojo is made up and the plot devices don’t matter, we know that you know that this is your favorite panel of the convention.

Yeeart – Yugo/Tabata: Comic Masters (18+) – Akumetsu, Young Black Jack and Ninja Slayer. The writer/artist team of Yoshiaki Tabata and Yuki Yugo are rising stars in the manga world. Come and learn of the boundless action and psychological thrills of two creators you might not know but should!

You’re Wrong & You Should Feel Bad (18+) – We love to rag on bad shows. But we can be secure in good shows right? WRONG! Are you ready to see your GOOD shows get deconstructed in the most vicious ways possible? You like that high rated show? Well, YOU’RE WRONG and YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD!


Choosing Fabric for Your Cosplay – The right fabrics can make all the difference in a hand assembled cosplay. Hosted by Mabie Knots Designs & Cosplay, with 90 plus fabric swatches to look at and feel, you will be able to learn the basics of different fabric types, their uses, how to work with them, their price points, and fiber content. You will also be taught how to translate your reference photos into fabric to most effectively choose them for a cosplay. No more feeling lost inside your local fabric stores!

Cosplay 201/hacking the system – You’ve already obtained a great cosplay… now what do you do with it? We’ll teach you advanced tricks to get the most enjoyment out of your costume, both in and out of conventions. The fun doesn’t have to start (and stop) at cons!

CosplayNYC Magazine Presents: Be A Poser – Learn many tips of how to pose for cosplay photo shoots or how to get cosplayers to pose if you’re behind the camera. Cosplayers will be on hand to illustrate these tips. We will have a Q&A session after the PowerPoint presentation.

Cosplay Dance Off – Come see your favorite characters dance battle it out on the dance floor. Coming up on its 11th year running, the dance off is action packed with the best dancers and music. Come for the dancers, or the awesome music from DJ Nak.

Cosplay on a budget– Do you love cosplay but worry you can’t afford it?! Never fear, let us help you cosplay without breaking the bank! Come learn tips and tricks from your fellow cosplayers on how to keep your cosplay costs low. Let us teach you how to save on everything from fabric to props. You’ll see that dream cosplay isn’t too far out of reach!

Cosplay Shenanigans: Armor 101 – Learn the basics or sharpen your knowledge of how to build armor for cosplay. IchigoGami will teach you tips and tricks for taking your cosplay to the next level. Feel free to bring paper and pencils for notes as well as any questions you might have.

Hall Cosplay – No performance or acting is required for this contest. Contestants are scheduled for a five-to-seven-minute block behind closed doors with our judges and explain the intricacies of the work that they placed into their costume. Cosplayers will also be given the chance to show off their amazing work at the Cosplay Masquerade during the Cosplay Catwalk & Fashion Show.

Love Live! START:DASH!! Cosplay Dance Recital – A live dance performance of the song “START:DASH!!” by µ’s (muse) from the anime Love Live! School Idol Project, done in full cosplay. Join KousakaHonoka, Minami Kotori, SonodaUmi, HoshizoraRin, Nishikino Maki, Koizumi Hanayo, Ayase Eli, ToujouNozomi, and Yazawa Nico in a captivating reenactment of the anime itself! Please come watch us!

Love Your Cosplay Body -Tired of not being as happy in your cosplay as you should be? Come to the Love Your Cosplay Body panel and we will show you tips and tricks to make you love your body and be more confident in your cosplays

Masquerade – The Cosplay Masquerade features cosplayers and costumers alike who come together to show off both skit performances and their craftsmanship in one exciting and entertaining show. Performers are judged for their talent and entertaining a crowd. They bring together their favorite series and shows to life through comedy, dance, drama, or even some internet inspired randomness. Meanwhile, seamstresses and tailors show off their amazing craftsmanship work to bring these beloved characters to life on stage.

Masquerade Magic – Want to know what goes into a masquerade skit? Come in and learn a few tips and tricks on what you need to do to prepare yourself for all the fun and stress that a masquerade skit entails.

So You Think You Can Idol? – Do you think you’re the best idol? Do you have the skills and charisma to prove it? Join AKB2AM as a competitor in our IDOL DANCE OFF.

So You Want To Be an Idol? – Have you longed for idol laifu but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to bring more moe and music into your life? Join AKB2AM as we teach you the necessary steps, tips, and everyday hacks to become like the girls we all adore.

Stitches in Cosplay – Want to add a bit homespun fun to your cosplay? Come journey into the world of wool and cotton as this panel provides the tips and tricks of knitting or crocheting your cosplay. Learn how to gauge, construct patterns, and choose the perfect yarn!


A(MV)rthouse-Watch and enjoy AMVs that tend to speak on a more…artistic level.

AMV Launch Showcase – WELCOME!  The Anime USA’s AMV Judge Staff welcomes you to the 2016 convention!  Come in, have a seat and let’s get pumped for the rest of the weekend with a great start to the convention!

AMV Showcase – Come have a seat and enjoy some AMV’s from the past and present along with AMV’s submitted by Editors for display here and even previous AMV participants!  (General Audiences, if marked as 18+ then there will be adult themed material)

Anime USA’s AMV Contest – Hey! This is it! Don’t miss this year’s AMV CONTEST!  It will blow you away!  Come see what the editors have prepared for you this year!  Enjoy the laughs, the feels, and much, much more during the contest!  You the audience will be voting on which videos you think are the best so your vote counts come tell us who should take home the BEST IN SHOW TROPHY!!  Please note if there are ballots left over at the final contest screening or at the AMV Awards Ceremony on Sunday.

Anime USA’s AMV Contest Awards Ceremony – We judged!  You watched!  You voted!  We counted!  Come find out who won each contest Category and who won the BEST IN SHOW trophy!  Join us as we talk about what we saw and thought as we show the winners of each category of the main contest!  We will also announce the Horror Contest winner (though due to mature content of that it will not be shown).

Coordinator’s Favorite Top AMV’s – You’ve seen AUSA’s contest now come see what AMVs the Coordinator of Anime USA’s contest likes personally.  I keep myself objective during the judging but some videos just stand out more than even the ones entered into the contests!

Cosplay and AMV’s – Join two local cosplayers and veteran AMV judges as they take you into some of their favorite AMVs from the past!

Editing Effects Effectively – Man, did you see that one video in the AMV Contest? You know, the one with all the effects? It looked so cool, but what was it even about? I can’t remember…  Come see how to edit effects into your Anime Music Video!

Fanboy Bebop – Watch out! You may only want a good time but fate may have a different call for you!  Watch Keanu and Ash find out what their fate is!  This is another Scott Melzer and N.o.N.D.E. Productions Fan Parody!

Fanboy Soze/Showcase – Scott Melzer and NoN.D.E. Films came out with another parody!  This time it is Fanboy Soze vs. The Reanimators of the Otakulypse.  Come find out what happens in our near future!  Perhaps it is an alternate reality!  Come and find out!

Game AMVs – When you see the term AMV, you think that it will be something with Anime, but there is a large number of AMVs done to the games played on the computer, Xbox, Playstation or other consoles.  Come see a brief and rough history on game AMVs and then see even more after!

History of AMV’s – A look at the history of AMVs from its beginning through today. Animated Music Videos have been around since the early 1990s. We’ll look at the changes in technology over the years, and how it has affected the production and presentation of AMVs
How Not Too Make an AMV – Have you ever seen an AMV that made you cringe?  Well come visit and learn what many editors do that does not make for a great AMV!  I will show you examples of the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of AMV editing!

Judging AMV contests – You’ve seen Anime Music Video contests before, but have you ever wondered what the judges are thinking?  Come join me for a question and answer session to learn a little of how the AUSA AMV contest is judged and what we do outside of watching and judging Anime Music Videos.

Retro AMVs – Are you into AMVs? Are you feeling nostalgic or just prefer the older animes? Then you’ll get a kick out of this panel dedicated to AMVs of animes from between the 60s to early 2000s.

This is Otakudom! – Scott Melzer and NoN.D.E. Films used footage from several anime series, most notably FushigiYugi, combined with originally recorded voice acting, the movie tells the story of Suzie Sweetrie and her friends, members of a high school anime club who decide on a whim to attend the Otakon anime convention in Baltimore.

Top 10 AMVs and Tips – Do you want to make an amv? Attend to see some awesome amvs for inspiration and learn tips on how to achieve a visually appealing amv yourself!


Awesomely Bad Japanese MusicVideos – Awesomely Bad returns to Anime USA to share with you the wild, weird, and downright bad world of Japanese pop music videos. Come see the strangest and funniest music videos ever put out by Japan!

BAH GAWD HE IS BROKEN IN HALF: A Wrestling Panel – Join our panel of smarks and snarky marks as we discuss the state of the industry, look back at some of our favorite matches, and engage in shameless fantasy booking.

Defaming the Sacred!: Critiques on Popular Anime – In this panel, feelz are defamed, beloved series are ruined forever, & people’s buttons will be pressed, so bring lots of tolerance, open-mindedness, & the willingness to hear less than stellar things about your favorite series of all time.

Girls und Panel Ausf. H – Do you like girls? Do you like panzers? Did you ever think there was more to tank combat than multi-track drifting? Come and talk tanks and the surprise hit of 2012! A discussion on the series, the characters, the mechanics, perhaps even the fandom!

Hey! You Got Your TokusatsuIn My Anime! – You know “Power Rangers”? Did you know it’s originally from Japan? Better yet, did you know that some of your favorite anime makes references to it? Join me for a discussion on how to find the obvious and less-so in some really interesting places.

Japanese Drama 101 – All those pictures of cute (and/or hot) Japanese actors and musicians that circulate Tumblr… you want to know more, but you don’t know where to start! Come for a discussion of live-action dramas, both major titles and a few of the more obscure ones, as well as the people who star in them.

Japanese Toy Collecting: Who Needs Money Anyway? – Interested in the cool toys in the dealers room but not sure where to start? Become a master of collecting toys and figures. Learn about toy lines and manufacturers, the best places to shop and save money, and tips for spotting bootlegs in the wild

Kurosawa: Celluloid Samurai – Akira Kurosawa left behind an outstanding legacy for cinema. What is the source of his greatness? What single element underlines his works? Join the Manly Battleships® as we explore the early life and career of one of history’s greatest filmmakers.

Let’s Fresh!*Precure!: The Pretty Cure Panel – Do you love magical girls and want more? Pretty Cure is a staple of Japanese television for over a decade. Recently, Glitter Force has come to the west as an adaptation on netflix! So join us in Celebrating all things PreCure/Glitter Force!

Love Live: School Idol Panel!– Love Live is a massive success. Countless songs, two anime seasons, a best selling movie, a widely popular phone game. Love Live School Idol Project has taken the world by storm. But what is this project all about and what made it so popular? Come find out as we talk about everything Love Live from the girls, the music, and the show. We will be taking a look at the past and the huge success of μ’s and see what’s to come with their successor Aqours and what recent developments in the American market could mean for our interaction with Love Live, all while jamming out to some of their best hits! Music Start!!

Shoujo Rock Heaven – Move over Jpop idols! These women really know how to rock! Come see a showcase of rock, metal, punk, and indie all girl bands from Japan from the past to the present on display with both music videos and live performances to see of some of the hottest music coming out of Japan you’re missing out on!

Welcome to Night Vale live – A strange desert community where the sun is hot, the stars are bright, and we all pretend to sleep. This year join us for ep 57 The List and ep 65 Voicemail
In which you were told to remember a list. Do you? It is important you remember that list. Also, we hear from those out in the community, many for the first time!

Wolf 359 LIVE – It’s medical examination day and you, dear listeners, are needed to help Officer Eiffel procrastinate. With Commander Mincowski off fighting a “”mutant”” plant “”monster”” it appears that you are next up for the worst check-up ever. Then in our second episode of the evening join Eiffel as he tries to keep both women in his life, his AI best friend and his boss, from killing each other. Meanwhile Doctor Hilbert has some fun with Bottany


TOKYOPOP Returns!– TOKYOPOP is back! Come join TokyoPop Ambassadors Chris Wanamaker (America’s Greatest Otaku) and Kevin Latchford (The Black Flag Cast) for the festivities with announcements on our exciting new projects accompanying our triumphant return


Business Development Workshop for Indie Creators – How do you make money from your creative ideas? Learn essential strategies to turn your creative ventures into your own indie business. All are welcome who want to grow entrepreneurial skills and practice with peer support.

Doll Class: Hina(all ages)

Doll Class: Meiji Kaede(all ages)

Doll Class: Meiji School Girl(all ages)

 Doll Class: TabiNeko Stuffed Cat(all ages)

Doll Class: Washrag Ninja(all ages)

Japanese Confectionery Corner 3.33: You Can (Not) Resist – Have some candy! …and cookies and cakes, and maybe even some sodas! Come and join LostGamers Studios’ Kassie and J in a whipped up frenzy of Japanese confections. We’ll be covering the cultural history and importance of sweets as well as how to prepare some of the more popular desserts

ncluding dango, mochi, and more! We will also be showing just how important sweets are in anime – symbolism, tropes, and even entire themed series!

Learn Leading Creative Software: Intro to Adobe Creative Suite and Clip Studio Paint – Learn essentials of world-class creative tools Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, and Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio). Maximize your digital art toolset for graphic design, illustration, comics, print & more. Questions welcome!

Let’s $ew! A Kawaii-Poo – $8.00 per student. All skill levels welcome. Ages 13+, or bring a parent/guardian, please. Yes, you read that correctly. You can sew your very own Kawaii Poo-Chan (Or Pee, or TP) to play with!!! All the (fun??), without any of the mess.

Let’s $ew: AutumnHarvest– $8 per student. Beginner level. 13+ or bring a parent/guardian, please! Apples, Carrots, Peppers, & Leeks. The air gets colder. The days get shorter. It’s time to harvest the last crops of the season – or we can SEW them, any time! Cos-props? You bet! Fursuit toys? THE BEST! Learn to sew, or polish up your rusty skills.

Let’s $ew: Fortune Cookies – $4.00 per student. All skill levels welcome. Ages 13+, or bring a parent or guardian, please. If you can thread a needle, you can sew a fortune cookie. If you can’t thread a needle? We’re here to help! Makes a great gift item. Makes a horrible snack.

Let’s $ew: Rice Ball/Sushi Roll – $5 per student. Beginner skill level.13+ or bring a parent or guardian, please! NEW for 2016! Love Onigiri? SEW ONIGIRI! Love sushi? ROLL ON IN! Majik is here to help you learn to sew and decorate the delicious rice treat of your dreams!

Let’s $ew! Sweet Treats – $10.00/student. Beginner Level.
Ages 13+, or bring a parent/guardian. Cupcakes, Muffins, Ice Cream Cones! Kawaii cosplay and loli props, fun fursuit toys, or just a great gift item. Low fat, high fiber, gluten free!”

Let’s $ew: Tacos – $8 per student. Beginner skill level. 13+ or bring a parent or guardian, please! It’s just like a real taco! Start with a circle. Fill it with ‘meat,’ and garnish as you like. (Ohgosh don’t eat these!) BONUS: We’ve got squeakers!

Let’s $ew:Throwing Stars – $5.00 per student. Beginner Level. Ages 13+, or bring a parent/guardian. Shuriken and Kunai – Ninja stars & Naruto knives – Now in plus form! Learn to thread a needle & sew a basic stitch. Sensei will be so proud of you!

Make Your Own “Itabag” – An itabag is a bag decorated with pins, keychains, etc. and range from simple to extreme (and expensive) projects. Wanna make one and show off your favorite character? Bring your items and a bag and get decoration tips, make friends, and win prizes!

WordPress Workshop: Build Your OwnWebsite – Want to start an anime blog, make a portfolio, or advance your career? Learn WordPress, the most popular platform to create beautiful custom websites. Discover how to create content, add features, use modern design, and track visitors.


100 Ghosts

Answering the Call to Adventure: The Road to Becoming a Magical Girl (Dunbar) – The hero goes forth from her home, and enters into the great unknown. But how does this story impact the magical girl on her journey? This panel explores goddess culture, classical mythology, and magic in the mahoushoujo. Please Note: this panel is part of the “Fractured Persona” panel scheduled on Saturday from 3pm-4pm in Panel 2.

ACard Game Called Tarot(Tsang) – For the SECOND YEAR, AUSA is offering attendees a crash course in Tarot Cards. This panel will cover basics in styles, techniques, spreads, other types of divination, and more! There is even a raffle! Come here to learn and explore the mystical arts.

A Meiji Spirit Party (Tsang) – Breaking Isolationism leads to new fun ideas. Simple as that. During the Meiji Era, a new kind of party came into fruition. Diviners and mediums would be invited into a home as the centerpiece for all kinds of parties. Come and see how it happened and the methods used, like bones and tarot, to read the spirits and future.

Acting Real Talk (Grelle, Liebrecht, Oxley, Tipton)Learn what it’s like to be an actor and what it takes. Attendees of all ages and levels of experience are welcome to come ask technical questions about the different kinds of acting, resources, training, etc.

Beginner’s Guide to Japanese MartialArts(Aldrich) – The martial arts of Japan – Karate, Jujitsu, Kendo, etc – are some of the most famous and well-known in the world.  Yet how much do you really know about them?  Come join this fast-paced exploration of Japan’s major martial arts, see their origins and discuss a basic overview of their differences.

Cool Japan: The Panel (Dunbar) – We watch anime. We read manga. We play games. And we love them dearly. But these modern media elements are the more recent and visible parts of a culture trade that has been going on for over a hundred years. Join anthropologist Charles Dunbar as he goes back and looks at how Japan and the United States have traded all sorts of properties, from music to fashion to zombies, and beyond.

Cloud Age Symphony: Steampunk in Anime (Hodge-Wetherbe) – Steampunk and its various spin off genres have influenced anime for years. In this panel we look at the anime that have taken inspiration from Steampunk, and examine how anime has in turn influenced some aspects of steampunk.


Fairy Tail Friday! (Saxton)– Join Jad Saxton (Carla) for a Fairy Tail-filled Friday panel!

Fan Fiction 101: The attack of the Mary Sues(Hodge-Wetherbe) – What’s a fan who truly loves their fandom to do when the property itself just isn’t enough? Write your own stories based on the fandom of course! In this workshop, we start with talking about the history of fan fiction in America, and move on to legal issues, critique, and avoiding the pitfalls of bad fan fiction writing.

Folk Culture in Modern Japan (Dunbar) – From deer dances to suicide forests, Japan has managed to blend together modern ideas with old ways, often in truly fascinating locations around the country. This panel explores some of these locations: Tono, the “home” of Japanese folklore; Aokigahara, the infamous Suicide Forest; Nikko, where shogun are buried and ghosts walk the streets; and Sakai-minato, where the yokai truly is king.

Funimation Broadcast Dub 101 (Grelle, Liebrecht, Oxley, Saxton, Solusod, Tipton) -Meant for attendees who are Funimation subscribers (or who are interested in becoming one). We will focus on and talk about broadcast dub shows which are only available to subscribers via the FUNimation website

Hayao Miyazaki: A Storyteller’s Journey (Dunbar) – The worlds of Ghibli are brimming with colorful characters, wondrous places, and sinister foes. This panel looks at these films, how they reflect the world we live in, and how they display the philosophies of a complicated man.

How the Meiji Period Created The Modern World (Aldrich) – Japan has influenced the world in ways subtle and sweeping, and it all traces back to the Meiji Era, when the tiny island nation went from feudal backwater to world superpower in the span of a couple of decades.  Join this exploration of all the ways Japan has directly and indirectly created the modern world.

Hunting the Forest Spirit: Mythology and Anime(Hodge-Wetherbe) – Anime is full of mythological themes. From Miyazaki’s films to Princess Tutu In this workshop, we explore its mythological roots, examining both Japanese myth, and world myth cycles. Come see how a new art form spins ancient stories.

Inside the Voice Actors Studio (Grelle, Liebrecht, Oxley, Saxton, Solusod, Tipton) – Far too often, we see anime fans standing in line, waiting for an autograph from their favorite voice actor, only to fall silent and starstruck when face-to-face with them. If only there was some way to make these very real people more approachable and easier to talk to! This panel seeks to do exactly that, by asking our Voice Acting guests questions that are not about their career, but about who they really are. From first jobs and favorite ice cream flavors to what their ideal vacation spot is, you can expect to hear some great backstory on our guests. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you have a lot more in common with them than you originally thought!

Let’s Play with Rides InReVellion– This is your chance to get up close and have fun with Rides In ReVellion! It’s fans verses band in a tournament of simple, silly games. Will our guests emerge triumphant or suffer the embarrassing consequences of failure?

Make Fetch Happen: Planning Your Cosplays (Mango Sirene) – Starting a costume is never easy, especially when you have no idea how to make something. Fortunately, there are a ton of fantastic resources available to help you find the info you need – and it’ll be much quicker than waiting for another cosplayer to try to answer your questions! Remember: it’s okay to ask for help – but the cosplay gods help those who help themselves, too! Mango Sirene will walk you through the process of planning a costume, sharing tips and tricks that will make research one of your favorite parts of cosplay!

Meet Alexis Tipton – Come meet Alexis Tipton and ask questions about her personal body of work. All Ages welcome!

Meet E. Jason Liebrecht – Come meet E. Jason Liebrecht and ask him questions about anime, his other work, and more.

Meet Jad Saxton – A Q & A where Jad answers any questions about Voice Acting and Anime or anything else fun! :)

Meet Josh Grelle – Come and meet Josh Grelle during this Q&A session where you can ask questions about acting, anime, and more

Meet Kate Oxley – Come and meet Kate Oxley during this Q&A session where you can ask questions about acting, anime, and more.

Meet Pscyche Corporation – Get to know our musical guest Psyche Corporation during this Q&A session where you can ask questions about music and more.

Meet the DJs! – Spend some time getting to know DJ Logicoma and Jacob Marley during this Q&A meetup session where you can ask questions about music, about being a DJ, and much more!

Oh My God, Danny Devito! I Love Your Work!: Branding and You (Mango Sirene) – When it comes to cosplay, your handle is your calling card. But have you ever wondered how cosplayers come up with their nicknames? How they design their logos? And what’s the next step? How do cosplayers unite their social media presence into an effortless functional system?  How do they build a platform to connect with their fellow convention goers, photographers, and followers? Join Mango Sirene for some personal branding 101, where she’ll guide you through the tools you need to get started!

Oh My God, I Love Your Skit!: Producing Creative Cosplay Skits (Mango Sirene) – Have you ever wanted to write an amazing skit that wows the socks off the judges and the audience? Mango Sirene discusses the ins and outs of a successful masquerade skit, sharing her experience from seven years of theater, four years of presentation judging, and her own award-winning performances.

Party Unstoppable! (Tsang) – “I have friends, I definitely have friends, I’m here to ask if anyone here has friends?!” Sick of your usual con friends or just wanna meet new people. Come and build a new con adventuring party at Party Unstoppable! Join us for fun tricks and activities so that by the end, you will leave with a slew of new friends. If you get the reference, we can be friends too!

Professor Shyguy Acoustic Q&A – Come hear acoustic versions of chiptune songs and ask questions.  Or just listen to questions being asked.

Professor Shyguy Dating Advice Panel – What makes me feel like I’m qualified to give advice on dating? Well, I’ve likely made the mistakes you’re having to deal with, but I eventually figured out what’s wrong.

Roll Your Heart Out!!! (Tsang) – Join us for an interactive role playing experience. This panel is designed to help expand the limits of imagination inspired by tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. Newbie or Veteran? Doesn’t matter! This was designed to live and see roleplaying in a laidback, extremely interactive, and fun new way! Come join us on an amazing adventure that will be a once in a lifetime story that can never be repeated again!

Soul 2 Soul – Micah Solusod Q&A – Stop by and chat with Micah about what it’s like talking to yourself in a dark padded room. From anime to video games, Micah will take all of your questions and maybe even answer some.

Soul Sucking Snow Women: Mythological Horror in Anime(Hodge-Wetherbe) – Japan has a long tradition of monsters, demons, and ghosts in their folklore. Anime has dipped into these stories and given them a unique spin.. We’ll be sharing some of the weirdest and spookiest of the supernatural tradition, and see how anime is adapting them for a worldwide audience.

Ten Best American Anime Series (Aldrich) – Anime has spread into a worldwide phenomenon with many nations putting their local spin on these Japanese artform.  Join this quick overview of ten of the best American-created anime series.

The Drawing Board w/ Micah Solusod – Have you ever wanted to draw a comic? Tell a story? Micah is super good at making stuff up and is here to offer tips and advice on creating original content.

The First Anime (Dunbar) – It’s Astro Boy, right? That series from 1963 that brought television animation to life and would go on to start the medium we call anime. Wait, it’s NOT? This panel explores animation in Japan from 1917 to 1963, when the first commercial productions appeared, tested the boundaries of the medium, were thrown back after the war, and evolved into the landmark shows of that first groundbreaking year.

The Globalization of Visual Kei (Rides in ReVellion) – Learn about the future of visual kei from the owner of V Star Promotion, an international marketing company that aims to make visual kei from Japan accessible to the rest of the world. This panel will feature special guest Ken from Art Elicia via Skype, and you may even walk away with some free stuff!

Top Ten Transformers Episodes (Aldrich) – One of the longest-running franchises in entertainment history, Transformers has spanned across innumerable television series.  Come join this episode-by-episode breakdown of the ten single best episodes from Gen-1, Beast Wars, and even the Japanese-only series.

Women in Anime (Hodge-Wetherbe) – Women and girls have a strong presence in Anime, but how are they portrayed? How has anime influenced women in fan culture? We will look at both fictional anime women, and the women who love anime.Japan has influenced the world in ways subtle and sweeping, and it all traces back to the Meiji Era, when the tiny island nation went from feudal backwater to world superpower in the span of a couple of decades.  Join this exploration of all the ways Japan has directly and indirectly created the modern world.

Writing 101 (Aldrich) – Few industries have gone through as many upheavals as the writing industry has seen in the past twenty years.  The result is a confusing landscape of uncertainty for the seasoned veteran and the aspiring novice alike.  Whether you’re a casual fan-fic writer or toiling away on the next Great American Novel, come to this industry panel where we will dispel some lingering myths of the writing profession and discuss functional ways to take your writing to the next level.

Writing Discussions (Tsang) – Returning for the FIFTH YEAR at AUSA, we will be having an open discussion about writing in all forms. Whether you write fanfics, manga, novels, short stories, professional pieces, or more you’re welcome to join us and talk about the process or anything writing related! This is a fun opportunity to network with other peers and enthusiasts learn tips and tricks of the craft.

Yokai Girls Gone Wild (Dunbar) – Female Monsters of Japan- Japanese folklore is full of angry, vengeful spirits and monsters, and more than half of those are of the female variety. This panel explores the creepy, the quirky, and the angry women who populate Japan’s hidden world, what to look out for, how to survive encounters with them, and how they reflect Japanese views on femininity and female life.


Fairy Tale
Final Fantasy
Fire Emblem
Gravity Falls
Harry Potter
Hunter x Hunter
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Kantai Collection
Kingdom Hearts
Magical Boys
Manga > Anime
Monster Hunter
Mystic Messenger
Night Vale
One Punch Man
Sailor Moon
Seven Deadly Sins
Smash Bros
Steven Universe
Studio Ghibli
Sword Art Online

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